A Day in West Marin

Today B and I drove to West Marin, an area northwest of the Golden Gate Bridge. We were headed to Pt. Reyes' Open Art Studios, an all-day event where artists open their homes or their studios and offer their art for sale. We weren't necessarily looking to buy, but it was a good excuse to head north and take a drive.

West Marin Golden Gate

Before we got studio popping, we stopped for lunch here at the Marin Sun Farms, a farm that raises grass-fed livestock.

West Marin Sun Farm 3

We split a burger and fries. OK, and maybe a beer. This was one amazing burger, and splitting it was more than enough for us.

West Marin Marin Sun Farm

Marin Sun Farms has quite an array of meats. If you're into grass-fed meats, this is the place.

West Marin Sun Farm

Then it was time to hit the studios. We followed the open studio map and wove our way through the windy Marin hills. It was a picture-perfect day.

West Marin Hills

First stop was Nancy Stein's studio. Her subject is the ocean scape of Northern California. Her work was beautiful. She works in pastels and creates etching.

West Marin Artist Studio

Her studio was beautiful, set up in the hills with quite a view.

West Marin Artist Studio 3

We went to several other studios that were terrific. We stumbled upon a lot of great art and many talented artists. I like the way one artist was telling us where we she was.

West Marin Im In the Garden

We came across The Blair Goodwin Studio owned by artists Richard Blair and Kathleen Goodwin. It was here I did a little damage.

West Marin Artist Studio 4

I loved their studio. It was spacious, comfortable, and light-filled. This is Kathleen.

West Marin Artist Studio Susan Goodwin

She's showing B a picture she took at night of the Golden Gate Bridge that's published in one of their books. I'm now the proud owner of one of her works.

West Marin Mustard Field

We drove north and headed into Pt. Reyes Station.

West Marin Point Reyes Sign

Pt. Reyes is pretty small as you can see from this sign. The folks there are quite proud of their 350-person town.

West Marin Cowgirl Creamery

Pt. Reyes Station is where the Cowgirl Creamery started. They offer some of the most amazing cheese you'll ever taste, in my humble opinion, and I love the name.

West Marin The Old Saloon

Pt. Reyes Station has a bit of the old and the new all on the same street. This is the Old Western Hotel and Saloon and a walk in there feels like you've stepped back in time.

West Marin Community Garden

They're a friendly lot up there. And the gardens are brimming with beautiful fruits and vegetables.

West Marin Joey 175 Lbs

It was time to head home, but not before taking Joey's picture. He's a St. Bernard who, according to his owner, weighs in at 175 lbs. Yikes.

West Marin Olema Inn

We didn't have time to stop here, but we passed one of our favorite restaurants. If you are ever looking for a really wonderful meal, try The Olema Inn off Sir Francis Drake. You'll see why the NY Times called it one of the best restaurants in the area.

What a great way to spend the day. 

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