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About ten years ago I was in New York for business and hanging with my friends Will and Harlan. They live in the West Village. It was a really beautiful and warm summer night and Will suggested that we get a cupcake. A cupcake? They took me around the corner to the Magnolia Bakery where I stood outside in line to get a cupcake. When it was my turn, I watched them frost a just-got-out-of-the-oven cupcake with delicious chocolate icing. We stood on the street dripping icing and crumbs. Heaven.

Our equivalent of the Magnolia Bakery is Kara's Cupcakes with several locations in the Bay Area. Kara opened her first location in my neighborhood, the Marina.

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This way.

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There are so many amazing flavors to choose from, and they're beautifully displayed.

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I'm partial to the Chocolate Velvet, Sweet Vanilla, and Fleur de Sel. That hint of salt makes such a difference.

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Kara is a former sales executive who followed her passion of baking and started a cupcake catering business before opening up her six stores.

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She uses organic ingredients when she can from local providers.

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And if you think a regular cupcake is just a bit too much and you just want a little something something, Kara's offers "minis,"  a small two-bite cupcake. Love these. Both sizes make excellent desserts but I love bringing the minis to dinner parties. People feel less guilty scarfing down one or maybe two minis.

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So if you live in the Bay Area or are visiting, give Kara's a try. But warning, they could become addictive.

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    heather says:

    I love that cupcakes are all the rage. Now, for this sugar free gal, I need a sugar free, organic cupcake that tastes delicious. Think you can find that for me?

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