Lines of Tennessee Valley

Lines  Tennessee Valley

We like to hike and there's no shortage of places to hike in the Bay Area. One of the places we frequent is Tennessee Valley, a quick ride north over the Golden Gate Bridge. It's paradise for the moderate hiker. Tired from the night before's shenanigans? There's a flat hike out to Muir Beach. Want something a little more demanding? There's an a great uphill hike called the Miwok that will get you sweaty and out of breath in no time.

This is where I took this picture. I said I had to take the picture but it was more like I had to catch my breath from climbing the switchbacks below. Dragging a camera everywhere allows you to gracefully take natural breaks while others are plowing ahead and making you feel out of shape.

I love the lines here - all of them - and how some intersect while others don't. It was a metaphor for my spring, a period where I felt like people were coming and going and life was changing all around me.

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