Rockport, Massachusetts


Before we slip into fall, I wanted to share my trip to Rockport, Massachusetts that I made this summer with my friend Sarah. It's beautiful there. Everywhere you turn, there's yet another beautiful scene to capture.


When you get into down, a welcome sign and map greet you. Quite helpful.

Rockport Seward

We stayed here at the Seeward Inn, a short walking-distance from town. It was lovely and the water views were amazing.


Besides the water views, Rockport is known for its gardens. The people there take great pride in caring for them.


See what I mean? The variety of flowers is amazing. I love the combo of rock wall plus black-eye susans. And those blue flowers are just the best.

Rockport Swing

If this wasn't on someone's property, I'd jump right on and kick up my heels. But it was, so all I could do was snap a picture.


And not only do people have beautiful homes and gardens, but some go the extra mile with elaborate gates.


The charm level peaks in this town. Look at this old car.


A trip to Rockport, much less all of New England, requires at least one order of New England clam chowder, otherwise pronounced (and sometimes spelled), chowdah.


We ate here at Brackett's.  As you can tell from the sign, it overlooks the water. We had an excellent meal.


I loved it here. If you're looking for a Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket alternative, this is a great get-away and a short drive from Boston. I can imagine that it's even more beautiful in fall. Give Rockport a try. Thanks, Sarah, for the suggestion.

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