San Francisco’s Alamo Square

Alamo Square  Painted Ladies

B and I took a walking tour of San Francisco's Alamo Square through San Francisco's City Guides, a non profit organization that offers free walking tours all around the city. It's a terrific service. It's a great way to see the city and get out and about for two hours.

AlamoSquare SignAlamo Square is just west of City Hall. It's a residential, four-city block neighborhood and park in the Western Addition. It sits on top of a hill overlooking much of San Francisco, with a number of large and architecturally distinctive houses throughout the neighborhood.

Alamo Square  KenThis is Ken, our guide. He was fantastic. He's also a friend and former workmate of mine. Ken's been leading tours for awhile. He started our tour with a San Francisco architecture 101 lesson. He taught us about Italianate, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Victorian and other types of architecture, all of which can be seen here in Alamo Square.

Alamo Square  Architecture

Here are just a few of the many beautiful houses you'll find on tour.

Alamo Square  Architecture6

Alamo Square  Architecture2

Alamo Square  Architecture3

Alamo Square  Architecture8

Alamo Square  Victorian

Alamo Square  Graffiti Truck

And of course it wouldn't be San Francisco without a little graffiti here and there.

Alamo Square  Alamo Seafood

Alamo Square Seafood Grill is a quaint restaurant offering a variety of great seafood options.

Alamo Square  Chateau Tivoli2

I've driven by this sweet bed and breakfast, The Chateau Tivoli, a hundred times and never noticed it. The manager let us in and gave us a sneak peak of this historic landmark.

Alamo Square  Chateau Tivoli

Look at how ornate the exterior architecture is.

Alamo Square  Chateau Tivoli3

Only to be matched by the interior's ornate molding, chandelier, and furniture.

Alamo Square  Chateau Tivoli4

The dining room looked ready for quite a feast.

Alamo Square  Park

In the heart of Alamo Square is its beautiful park.

Alamo Square  Park2

Alamo Square  Poplar Trees

Alamo means poplar in Spanish. You're looking at a row of poplars here.

Alamo Square  View Downtown

Amidst the trees is a peak of City Hall's beautiful gold dome.

Alamo Square  View  Downtown

What a beautiful city view. What a beautiful city. There's the Transamerica Building stretching high amidst the blue sky.

Alamo Square  Mugs Bob

We finished the day with a picture in front of the famous Painted Ladies, the row of multi-colored Victorian houses on Steiner Street. It's a must-see on the San Francisco tour. These houses were part of the opening scene of the sitcom Full House. The Painted Ladies were the backdrop for our Christmas card this past year.

Thanks, Ken, for a wonderful tour. We highly recommend the tour, especially when you're conducting it.

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