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Almost Spring

It’s still technically winter but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Like many places this year, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter. Nothing demonstrates this better than this sweet little toddler, sporting her fine yellow … Read More

Red Hat Wearing Man

I like everything about this guy, his red shirt, the way he wears his satchel, and most of all, his red hat. I took his picture while walking on Crissy Field. I thought he’d look … Read More

Let It Out, Pi

Pi was a rescue so his origin is a bit gray, but one thing is clear, he’s got a bit of beagle in him. He’s a champion howler. When he gets going, it’s like he’s … Read More

Rush Hour on Crissy Field

Someone needs to show me this picture in July when San Francisco is 55 degrees and foggy and when I grousing about how cold San Francisco can be. This picture will act as a reminder … Read More

Pi Time

Not much to say here other than he’s the world’s cutest dog. Hello Pilot. He’s wondering why he has to wait for me and why I’m dragging behind him. Maybe because he’s part greyhound and … Read More

Show Us Your Teeth, Pi!

Look! No cavities. Here’s Pilot, showing me the inside of his mouth. For such a thin, cut pooch, he sure does love to eat…things he shouldn’t be eating, too. But nonetheless, his teeth are in … Read More

OK, Break

I used to play high school and college sports, so when I saw Gracie and “friend” romping on Crissy Field, then head in different directions, I had flashbacks to my lacrosse days, the coach’s huddle, … Read More

No Pictures, Please

He’s got that look that Sean Penn often has when being photographed. That back off look. And what’s going on with those hind legs? Looks like he’s doing grapevines. His Dad is a ballet dancer, … Read More

Crissy Field, Saturday Morning

Look at him. The brown one. Just ready to outshine his pals there. He’s already in motion before the ball is released. This was the calm before the stampede. The Place = Crissy Field, San … Read More

Well, Hello Gracie

This is Gracie, aka, one of the most lovely dogs on the planet. My friend David is the proud dad of her; let’s just say Gracie is one lucky pooch (read…spoiled). David and I went … Read More