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Ready for Summer Tomatoes

It’s not even technically summer but I’m getting so excited for the annual bonanza of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. I snapped these tomats last summer while in the Boston area at Verrell Farms in Concord, … Read More

In Memory Of Pete

There’s really no manual on what to do when someone loses a loved one. Should you call or write? What should you say, or better, not say? Are flowers good to send or perhaps a … Read More

Skating at Rockeller Center

B and I were in New York recently and got a taste of Christmas in New York. We walked among the throngs of shoppers and navigated our way to Rockefeller Plaza. That was no small … Read More

Pop and Me – The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

My Dad’s been gone for two years now but when I saw this picture of him, I thought it was share-worthy. We were visiting my sister in Jackson Hole and had a bang-up night down … Read More

Mom and Dad

I love this picture of my Mom and Dad, not because my Mom is squinting or because of that crazy sweater my Dad was wearing (really, Pop?), but because I was with my family and … Read More

Saluting You

July 4th is a bittersweet holiday for me. It’s our country’s birthday and my Dad’s, except he’s no longer around to celebrate. Every July 4th, my Dad would hang both the American flag and the … Read More


Can you tell which one my Dad is? He’s the one having the most fun, and no doubt, he was the instigator of whatever it is going on here. Those are my cousins; three of … Read More

Because The Night

This picture is bittersweet for me. It was September 2009, and I was in Florence with my sister and two friends. We were having a great time. No, an amazing time. We were staying in … Read More

The Show Up

My father placed a huge value on making an effort, especially when it came to conversation. “If you’re in a conversation, you need to participate,” he’d say. “You can’t just sit there like a bump … Read More