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Keep Walking, Pal

I’m guessing the bubble over this dog’s head reads, press on and no one gets hurt. I took this on Chestnut Street, and after the click of the camera, this German Shepherd had had enough. … Read More

Big Stretch

Big stretch and a glare to boot. This is Pilot on his claimed portion of the couch. This is his “do not disturb me” glare. Lil Man is a bit of a blanket hog. See … Read More

The Bear

This is Bear, held by my nephew Michael.  Bear is the prized possession of Donna, my sister-in-law who loves this 5 lb. wonder.  Bear really does have the sweetest face ever. Almost as sweet as … Read More

Sweet Jadzy

Say hi to Jadzy. What a sweetie. Look at her face, skeptically eying me as I snap her picture.  Jadzy is owned by Jeane. We were minding Jadzy, while Jeane played tennis.  Jadzy took a … Read More

A Dog’s Life

He makes himself quite comfortable around our home. He lives upstairs with Garen and Scott, but he drops by our place a good 4-5 times each week. His routine is that he usually crashes through … Read More

OK, Break

I used to play high school and college sports, so when I saw Gracie and “friend” romping on Crissy Field, then head in different directions, I had flashbacks to my lacrosse days, the coach’s huddle, … Read More

Crissy Field, Saturday Morning

Look at him. The brown one. Just ready to outshine his pals there. He’s already in motion before the ball is released. This was the calm before the stampede. The Place = Crissy Field, San … Read More

Face Off

My friends who hear about Pilot and them meet him are all floored when they finally do. They always have the same reaction, I thought Pilot was going to be so much bigger. He’s a … Read More

Andre, The Wunder Dog

This is B’s childhood dog, Andre. He was the center of their universe. I love that they took him to a professional photographer to get his picture taken, and I love how upright he is, … Read More

Cue Carly Simon Singing Anticipation

This kills me. Look at their sheer dedication to waiting for their owner to return and anticipating that a treat may be coming their way. Either way, I love the mishmash of breed and size. … Read More