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Before the Bloom

  I’m not sure which part of a flower’s bloom is my favorite – when it’s in full bloom or just prior. I live in San Francisco, where many people have their own flower gardens … Read More

Daisies in Spring

Daisies brighten any room or garden, and these were no different. I found this batch in my neighborhood in the Marina. I love the way they’re craning their necks to maximize as much sun as … Read More

Hydrangeas in Summer

By now you’ve probably figured out that I love flowers and even more so, love taking pictures of them. It never bores me, mainly because the colors can be so vibrant, the shapes so varied, … Read More

Lake House Lily

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have a house on a New Jersey lake that’s such a slice of summer fun. I love it there. They also have a lovely garden, complete with theses orange lilies. Fabulous.

Because I Love Flowers

I mean, who doesn’t? But I just can’t get enough of bright colors. I savor these moments and try to remember them when winter sets in. So when I pass a beautiful garden, like I … Read More

Nantucket Garden

I was visiting my friend Tracy on Nantucket, and we took a walk on a path in Siasconset. Talk about beautiful gardens. They seemed to be everywhere.

A Perfect, Pink, Rose

I live in the Marina and many of my neighbors have lovely gardens. Just down the street I saw this sweet, pink rose, in the midst of its full bloom. Thanks, neighbor. Your roses are … Read More

Daisies in Wilton

Wilton is one beautiful town and it seems like everyone has upped their game to make their gardens more exquisite year over year. You see a lot of wild flowers in people’s gardens. But it’s … Read More

Calla Lily in the Presidio

Georgia O’Keeffe was on to something when she painted calla lilies. They’re exquisite, like this one here that I shot in the Presidio.

The Sweetest of Flowers

My Mom lives in Florida, a state that has such a varied selection of flowers, so different from Connecticut and the Bay Area. These are plumbago auriculata, a flower native to South Africa. They also … Read More