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Love Blank

My Dad was the stricter of our two parents. He held a high bar for us when it came to getting good grades, doing chores, and being respectful to people, especially our teachers. He was … Read More

Mom and Dad

I love this picture of my Mom and Dad, not because my Mom is squinting or because of that crazy sweater my Dad was wearing (really, Pop?), but because I was with my family and … Read More

Goodbye Wilton

We said goodbye to Wilton today. An end of a era. My Mom sold the house I grew up in, a house my family owned for some 47 years. With my Dad gone, my Mom … Read More

Betty and Kate

My Dad was the youngest of five with all four of his older siblings being girls. Of the five, only two are living, Betty and Kate, these two characters. I made them pose in front … Read More


I spent some time in Wilton recently going through boxes and boxes of stuff in our attic. Endless stuff. There were a few gems however that I came across including this one, a Mother’s Day … Read More

Wonderful Wilton, Connecticut

I grew up here in Wilton, Connecticut, a small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Population 17,600. It’s a lovely, quaint New England town. It was and still is a bedroom community for those who work … Read More


Can you tell which one my Dad is? He’s the one having the most fun, and no doubt, he was the instigator of whatever it is going on here. Those are my cousins; three of … Read More

The Show Up

My father placed a huge value on making an effort, especially when it came to conversation. “If you’re in a conversation, you need to participate,” he’d say. “You can’t just sit there like a bump … Read More