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This is Pilot. It’s safe to say that he’s a rather loved dog. In fact, I’d say he’s the most loved dog in America. This is his indifferent expression; it’s his Oh, how I suffer … Read More

Big Stretch

Big stretch and a glare to boot. This is Pilot on his claimed portion of the couch. This is his “do not disturb me” glare. Lil Man is a bit of a blanket hog. See … Read More


Bob and Pi are kindred spirits in oh-so many ways. They share the same sort of devilish ways. Here they are watching the Blue Angels fly overhead. I snapped these pictures a September or two … Read More

Let It Out, Pi

Pi was a rescue so his origin is a bit gray, but one thing is clear, he’s got a bit of beagle in him. He’s a champion howler. When he gets going, it’s like he’s … Read More

Pi Time

Not much to say here other than he’s the world’s cutest dog. Hello Pilot. He’s wondering why he has to wait for me and why I’m dragging behind him. Maybe because he’s part greyhound and … Read More

So That’s Why JLo’s Trending

Our friend and neighbor, Garen Scribner, has two high-profile jobs. He’s a soloist in the San Francisco Ballet and he’s dad to Pilot, the wunder dog. In between these two key roles, he may do … Read More

Show Us Your Teeth, Pi!

Look! No cavities. Here’s Pilot, showing me the inside of his mouth. For such a thin, cut pooch, he sure does love to eat…things he shouldn’t be eating, too. But nonetheless, his teeth are in … Read More

What…This Isn’t Normal?

I’m not sure the problem. Don’t all dogs get wrapped up in cashmere blankets with their own bolstered pillow, propped up on the couch?

Showing Off His Profile

This is Pilot’s wistful look. He’s pondering life. Or more realistically where his next snack may come from. Here he is bathed in the afternoon sunlight. He prefers his left side when he poses.

B’s Knees

That’s the death-stare down I see a lot. This is Pilot’s unflinching guilt face that he gives you when you’re eating something. Those are B’s knees, literally. B was eating some apples or cheese or … Read More