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Yellow Lily

  My hobby of photographing flowers continues with the taking of this beautiful lily. No wonder people shoot them a lot. Flowers are always beautiful, they don’t blink and turn away from the camera, and … Read More

Before the Bloom

  I’m not sure which part of a flower’s bloom is my favorite – when it’s in full bloom or just prior. I live in San Francisco, where many people have their own flower gardens … Read More

It’s the Little Things

The simplest things can make you happy. For me, it’s the beauty of a rain-soaked leave. I took this on one of my regular Starbucks trips in the Presidio.

At Attention, Always

Pilot loves B, almost as much as B love Pi. They sort of get each other and are good buds. Here’s Pi standing at attention by B’s feet, while B reads the Wall Street Journal. … Read More

Hello Yoda

Say hi to Yoda, the George Lucas created character in Star Wars. He sits on top of a foundation in front of the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco’s Presidio, and it’s here you … Read More

Calla Lily in the Presidio

Georgia O’Keeffe was on to something when she painted calla lilies. They’re exquisite, like this one here that I shot in the Presidio.