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Birds of Sanibel

Say hello to the snowy egret, with his stupendous yellow slippers and the hint of yellow on his beak. This one is minding the beach near my Mom’s house on Sanibel. Sanibel is bird watcher’s … Read More

Shelling on Sanibel

It’s the sport here. To shell. It’s what everyone does on Sanibel Island. It’s a modern day treasure hunt to find the most beautiful shells, of which there are an endless amount. Arthur Frommer chose … Read More

Meet the Neighbors

Here are just a few of my Mom’s neighbors that live at the end of her street. My Dad used to call this alligator Charlie. I have no idea if Charlie is male or female, … Read More

It Sort Of Says It All

Sanibel Island is beautiful; it’s replete with wildlife of all kinds, alligators, birds, and even the gopher tortoise. Not many animals get their own sign, but the gopher tortoise does, cuz it’s special. And this … Read More

The Sanibel Causeway

  I’m a wee bit obsessed with symmetry. Even spaces. Straight lines. Equidistant objects. Everything in its place. To my snarky friends reading this, pipe down. I know I’m fueling the fodder for my orderly … Read More


It was hard to miss this pink and blue umbrella, perfectly angled on one of Sanibel’s lovely beaches. It made you want to curl right under it and just watch time pass. And well, I … Read More

Christmas Florida Style

I grew up in Connecticut, so I was akin to celebrating Christmas New England style. Hot cocoa, cold-weather garb, roaring fireplaces, even the occasional sledding excursion. So when my parents bought a place in Florida … Read More

Life’s Beautiful Shapes

When you travel around the country and in different parts of the world, you get to see things that are vastly different than the environment in which you grew up, especially the plants and flowers. … Read More

Pink Flowers

I’m not much of a pink person but once in awhile something so pretty in pink stops me in my tracks, like these flowers that I took on Sanibel Island. Wow.

Everybody in the Pool

I’ve taken a shine to the pool and I swim about four times a week. And by swimming I mean I do a mix of laps and jumping around the pool like a lunatic with … Read More