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In Memory Of Pete

There‚Äôs really no manual on what to do when someone loses a loved one. Should you call or write? What should you say, or better, not say? Are flowers good to send or perhaps a … Read More

Love Blank

My Dad was the stricter of our two parents. He held a high bar for us when it came to getting good grades, doing chores, and being respectful to people, especially our teachers. He was … Read More

Goodbye Wilton

We said goodbye to Wilton today. An end of a era. My Mom sold the house I grew up in, a house my family owned for some 47 years. With my Dad gone, my Mom … Read More


This is Megan.  She’s my oldest friend. Scratch that. She’s the friend I’ve known the longest. We met when we were six. She claimed I shoved her head in the water at the town watering … Read More

Wonderful Wilton, Connecticut

I grew up here in Wilton, Connecticut, a small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Population 17,600. It’s a lovely, quaint New England town. It was and still is a bedroom community for those who work … Read More

Daisies in Wilton

Wilton is one beautiful town and it seems like everyone has upped their game to make their gardens more exquisite year over year. You see a lot of wild flowers in people’s gardens. But it’s … Read More

Happy Memorial Day

I love Memorial Day and not just because that means I get three days off. I love that we honor US military personnel both deceased, inactive, and/or currently on duty. My Pop was a military … Read More