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Meet the fabulous Rex. He belongs to my friend Ann. I’m was going through pictures that I took with my iPhone, when I found this one that I took of the little guy when we … Read More

Emirates Team New Zealand in Action

Today Emirates Team New Zealand raced and reached over 40 knots in Sunday’s qualifying round of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Series. Yowsa. 40 knots is the equivalent of 46 mph or thereabouts. That’s … Read More

Bruins Fever

Everyone is in the spirit here, even Paul Revere. I’m logging a little time in the Boston area now. Having spent my undergrad and grad years here AND having a Bostonian for a father, I … Read More

Ready for Summer Tomatoes

It’s not even technically summer but I’m getting so excited for the annual bonanza of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. I snapped these tomats last summer while in the Boston area at Verrell Farms in Concord, … Read More

SPF Irish American

I’m a light-skinned Irish American (translation, super white) who shouldn’t be in the sun…eva, according to my dermatologist. Every six months, I mosey in for my check up, and each time I get the lovely … Read More

Big Stretch

Big stretch and a glare to boot. This is Pilot on his claimed portion of the couch. This is his “do not disturb me” glare. Lil Man is a bit of a blanket hog. See … Read More

Before the Mayhem

Nothing says fun more than a pinata full of candy, ready to be pulverized by a line-up of club-swinging ready kids. This poor, little rainbow horse didn’t last long before it was smacked to smithereens. … Read More

In Memory Of Pete

There‚Äôs really no manual on what to do when someone loses a loved one. Should you call or write? What should you say, or better, not say? Are flowers good to send or perhaps a … Read More

Come on Summer

We just got into spring, but already I have summer fever. We’re headed to Cape Cod this summer, where beach plums like this abound. I can’t wait. For you Californians, beach plums can be found … Read More

Meet the Neighbors

Here are just a few of my Mom’s neighbors that live at the end of her street. My Dad used to call this alligator Charlie. I have no idea if Charlie is male or female, … Read More