Emirates Team New Zealand in Action

Americas Cup  19

Today Emirates Team New Zealand raced and reached over 40 knots in Sunday's qualifying round of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Challenger Series. Yowsa. 40 knots is the equivalent of 46 mph or thereabouts. That's mighty fast.

Americas Cup  1

The race starts down just off the Marina Green where there are several hospitality tents set up. The trophy was on display for fans to see.

Americas Cup  3

My college roommate Kathy is in town. Her husband, Pete Melvin, is one of the designers of the New Zealand 72' boat. He was in one of the boats that trailed the race boat. It was hard to tell which one he was, since all the guys seem to be wearing the same thing. Are you one of these guys, Pete?

Americas Cup  4

It's a good looking boat, even with all the logos.

Americas Cup  5

The race and team were announced, the racers gave a wave....

Americas Cup  6

...and with that, they were off to the starting line. Lots of scurrying around at this moment.

Americas Cup  7

You on this boat, Pete? It kind of looks like a scene out of a James Bond film with all that equipment.

Americas Cup  8

Off they go, not even touching the water on one side.

Americas Cup  9

A reminder of the lovely weather in San Francisco during summer. Required clothing = snow jacket, hat, boots, and leather gloves.  Yes, it's July.

Americas Cup  Start  071413

Americas Cup  11

Here's Emirates Team Zealand as they fly by Alcatraz.

Americas Cup  12

More James Bond-ing.

Americas Cup  13

A devoted Aussie fan.

Americas Cup  14

The sun struggles to peak through as the boat swings by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Americas Cup  15

Americas Cup  16

That's Cavallo Point in the background. A favorite spot for cocktails on a porch. Note where my priorities lie.

Americas Cup  18

Thank God for that orange buoy for a pop of color on this gray, gray day.

Americas Cup  20

Alcatraz in the background. The Aussie white-knuckles his flag.

Americas Cup  21

Oracle's hangout. No surprise, but they have quite the premo viewing spot.

Americas Cup  22

Can't wait for the rest of the races throughout the summer.  Congrats, Pete, on building one heck of a boat. Welcome to San Francisco, Kathy. So glad you're here.

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