Goodbye Wilton

19 Heather

We said goodbye to Wilton today. An end of a era. My Mom sold the house I grew up in, a house my family owned for some 47 years. With my Dad gone, my Mom had to handle the logistics of two homes and she needed to simplify things. So the Wilton house went on the market. Today, she drove down the driveway and said she couldn't look back.

She was a trooper. It was both physically and emotionally taxing for her. My Dad was a saver so there were boxes of stuff he saved, like, lots of stuff. Good stuff, but nonetheless, a lot like his grade school report cards, maps, pay stubs, articles, and endless pictures. It's tough to decide what stays, gets sold, or  dumped, especially when it feels like you're throwing away the memories at the same time. 

Our lawn was littered with weeping willows. See all that grass? My job in high school was to cut it. I didn't mind. I'd put my walkman on (pre iPod days), get on our sit-down lawn mower, zone out and do my thing. It was fun until the day I drove over a bee hive. Not a banner day.

For now, goodbye Wilton. You were good to my family. You will be missed.

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    Sit Down Lawnmower? wowsie. Kennebunkportian.
    I pretty much did the same drill (Cheep Trick: Dream Police on my non-Walkman cassette tape portable). But we real men used a push-mower. No gas or electricity. Just my sweaty, jr. high school rather skinny bod to power it. Built character. So I told myself.

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