Meet the Neighbors

Charlie The Aligator

Here are just a few of my Mom's neighbors that live at the end of her street. My Dad used to call this alligator Charlie. I have no idea if Charlie is male or female, but Charlie is what we've been calling it for quite some time now. I'm guessing, however, that Charlie is more Charlene, as all of a sudden there are little Charlies all over the lake.

Charlie Aligator2

Charlie likes to sunbathe. He's good at playing possum, too. And even though he's as still as can be, I keep a healthy distance (aka, I sit in the car with the door locks) when I take his pictures.

Aligator Babies2

Just recently, these little ones appeared. They blend in on the lake's bank. They're about three feet long and just hang here all day long.

Aligator Babies

These two just want to get their chins wet.

Ever seen an alligator bust a move? Trust me, you don't. We're taught to zigzag if they start running at us? Zigzag? Hello San Francisco. I'm headed home. Out running an alligator is so not on my bucket list.

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    Kate says:

    Love this. You are so funny, Mugs! I miss seeing you so I’m reading your blogs.

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