The Bear


This is Bear, held by my nephew Michael.  Bear is the prized possession of Donna, my sister-in-law who loves this 5 lb. wonder.  Bear really does have the sweetest face ever. Almost as sweet as Michael's

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    Donna says:

    Bear is absolutely the cutest dog in the universe. He is still a little stud muffin, all 8lbs of him, even at the age of 14. His main purpose in life is to love and protect his mommy. (lucky me!)

    Bear brings a smile to everyone’s face who looks upon him. However, if they are too near his mommy, he may attempt to BITE them! Since he only has a few teeth left, this is nothing to worry about. Our son Matthew has renamed him “Gummy Bear”.

    Thank you for the photo. You are our official family photographer!

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