You’ve Got To Know When to Hold ‘Em

B and I went up to Garen and Scott's place the other night to celebrate Garen graduating from college and earning his B.A. Garen's a full-time professional dancer, so he had to fit getting his degree in between years of intense rehearsals and performances. Garen and Scott had their families in town to celebrate. And nothing like a good card game before dinner to get the family smack talk going about who's the best card player.

Even Pi joined in. He had a lot of hands helping him out, literally.

Pi Playing CardGaren and Pi (and Scott and Holly)

Pi knows what he's doing though and chose the winning card. He took his victory lap, scarfed down some of the remaining hors d'oeuvres, and snuggled up in his blanket for the evening.

Congrats, Garen. Your fan club is quite proud of you. Pi, too.

Garen and Pi
Garen and Pilot

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