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Birds of Sanibel

Say hello to the snowy egret, with his stupendous yellow slippers and the hint of yellow on his beak. This one is minding the beach near my Mom’s house on Sanibel. Sanibel is bird watcher’s … Read More

Captiva Colors

What a colorful mailbox. It makes you want to mail a LOT of letters. The folks down here in Southwest Florida know how to doll up a mailbox, don’t they? If only every mailbox had … Read More

SF Giants World Series Champs-Round 2

The Giants won the World Series in Detroit on a Sunday night and came back to San Francisco Monday afternoon. I, along with some 5,000 other fans, kept tabs on their arrival and timed their … Read More

Modica on Union Street

Some people (women) spend spend oodles of time shopping for clothes. I’m not one of them. But when I do go shopping, I log time in home decor shops that offer unique, local items with … Read More